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Does the image of a precision attack on a federal column from the cover of the tree line sound enticing?

Is the thought of a portraying a Bushwhacker ambushing Union Red Legs exciting?

If your are a horseman, Are you tired of trail riding on your horse and want to ride hard on your horse and shoot your guns?! If so, join the cavalry or dismounted cavalry! If you have horse riding skills we are looking for more mounted troopers. If you don't own a horse there may be a mount available for you to ride. Contact Captain Bob Green if you have interest in riding.

If you want to have some fun while enhancing your knowledge and understanding of our Civil War ancestors-Elliott's Scouts is your command!

Are you or are you thinking of becoming a new recruit but worried you have nothing to wear? Our members and Quartermaster Department will do everything we can to help get you equipped for a while as you begin to build your impression.

Contact a member of our Chain of Command for more details on enlisting or contact us at one of our events. We would enjoy talking with you about the opportunities.

Sam Stanton

Major Sam D. Stanton

Bob Green

Captain Bob Green

Greg Quirin

Lt. Greg Quirin